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Paying The Cost Of The Trip

How to pay the cost of the trip?

To visit most countries, you would probably pack up your travel bags and start your journey without a visa or any prior bookings. Some countries will let you in without a visa while others issue on arrival depending on your nationality. But this is not an option for Bhutan. Bhutan discourages mass tourism to protect its pristine environment and rich ancient culture and focuses on the “High Value, Low Volume” tourism policy.

It is mandatory that all tourists visit Bhutan through government licensed local tour operators after paying a visa fee of US$40 and the minimum daily tariff which is set and regulated by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB). The TCB is responsible for verifying receipt of payment and endorsing the visa application for final approval by the Department of Immigration. The Visa application will not be accepted by TCB without proof of payment in advance. Upon verifying the receipt, TCB will retain the full payment in their trust account and will release to the local tour agent only after you complete the tour and safely depart from Bhutan.

If the tour does not materialize within the stipulated time, your payment less applicable fees shall be directly refunded to you by TCB. See our Cancellation & Refund Policy here. Our judicious cancellation policy is one of the very few friendly policies among the tour operators in Bhutan.

You can pay the tour cost online using your credit/debit card or wire the payment to our bank account. If paying online, we will send you a unique and highly secured payment link. Our online payment system is powered by Worldline e-Payment Services and the Bank of Bhutan. There will be a processing fee of 3.5% charged by the Worldline. For paying by bank transfer, use the below banking details. The wire transfer fee charged by your bank is not included in the price. After transferring the tour cost, you must send us a copy of the transfer receipt by email to or you can submit via the dashboard if you have created a user account in our website before booking the trip. We will then verify and start the process of visa application.

All you need when you transfer the payment is our bank address, account number, SWIFT Code and account holder’s name (i.e. Bhutan Acorn Tours & Travel). Please do contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Details for Direct Bank Transfer

Beneficiary Bank Address:

Bank of Bhutan, Thimphu Main Branch
Thimphu 11001, P.O. Box – 102



Beneficiary Account Name & Address:

JD House, Lower Motithang, Thori Lam
Thimphu 11001, BHUTAN

Beneficiary Account Number: