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Trekking In Bhutan

Trekking In Bhutan

Get immersed in some of Bhutan’s finest trekking adventure tours. Whether you are looking for a day or two hike or you’d like to challenge yourself to a gruelling 31-Day trekking adventure, Bhutan has it all. Majestic mountains, beautiful landscapes, mirror-like mountain lakes, pristine forests home to some of the world’s most endangered species await you in the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Every trekking adventure in Bhutan includes certified guides and porters, who know the mountain paths inside-out and have the expertise to make your adventure both safe and rewarding.

Observing birds in Phobjikha Valley

A Cultural Journey With Trekking in Central Bhutan

14 Days 13 Nights
Ramble through an extremely remote part of central Bhutan and encounter unique culture and deep personal interactions that will give you an experience of a lifetime. The focus of this journey is the 5-day trek which offers plenty of opportunities […]
Pack animals transporting goods in Bhutan

Bumthang Owl Trek in Central Bhutan

10 Days 9 Nights
Bumthang Owl Trek in central Bhutan offers 2-Day trekking through the unspoiled natural environment with rich flora and fauna as well as a deep understanding of Bhutan's untouched culture and traditions. This trip includes a one-way 30-minute domestic flight from […]
Highland people of Laya

Bhutan Scenic Jomolhari Laya Gasa Trek

17 Days 16 Nights
Considered as one of the most scenic treks in Bhutan, Laya-Gasa Trek offers amazing views of some of the most pristine and unspoiled landscapes in Bhutan. This 17-day, 217 km journey begins at Drukgyel in Paro and takes you through […]
Trekking tour in Bhutan

Bhutan Wild East Rodung La Trek

17 Days 16 Nights
The Wild East Rodung La Trek is an exhilarating trekking adventure from Bumthang in central Bhutan to the far east of the Kingdom through pristine mountains and valleys with untouched ecosystems combined with the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan.
Trekking in Bhutan

Wonders of Bhutan Incl. 3-Day Gangtey Nature Trek

12 Days 11 Nights
Walk the path less trodden and discover wonders of BHUTAN through pristine valleys and mountains dotted with majestic fortresses on strategic locations & secluded and ornate monasteries. The 3-Day Gangtey Trek will offer you rare opportunity to understand why Bhutan […]
The twin lake Tsophu of Jomolhari

Bhutan Majestic Jomolhari Basecamp Loop Trek

11 Days 10 Nights
The snow-capped high-altitude peaks and serene mountains passes of Bhutan are calling. Jomolhari Loop Trek is the most popular trekking route in Bhutan. With altitude differences of 2,500m and nearly 5,000m, pristine forests home to some of the world's most […]
Jomolhari Trek, Mt. Jomolhari, Bhutan.

Bhutan Jomolhari Trek From Paro To Thimphu Via Lingzhi

13 Days 12 Nights
Journeys that spark the imagination can lead you to a realm of happiness and often change your life. Lace up your boots and venture beyond traditional trekking into Bhutan's iconic Jomolhari Trek through scenic Himalayan mountains, stunning landscapes, pristine forests […]
Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek in Bhutan. Trekking in Bhutan.

Bhutan Thousand Lakes Trek

10 Days 9 Nights
6-Day trek through the high mountain passes, shimmering crystal-clear glacial lakes, pristine environment home to some of the world's most endangered species of fauna. Discover what sets Bhutan apart from the rest of the world. On Day 2, you'll hike […]
14 Days Bhutan Cultural Tour, Ogyen Choling Palace Museum in Tang Valley, Bumthang, Central Bhutan - Bhutan Acorn Tours & Travel

Bhutan Cultural Tour With 3-Day Trek In Bumthang

14 Days 13 Nights
Discover the Kingdom of Bhutan that has remained secluded for centuries. Visit magnificent fortresses and temples that dot hilltops and strategic locations against backdrop of soaring mountains adorned with snows and forests. Marvel at pristine environment and age-old traditions of […]
10-Days Samtengang Trek In Punakha Bhutan. Visit Bhutan

Bhutan Cultural Tour With 4 Days Samtengang Trek

10 Days 9 Nights
See the wonders of Bhutan including exhilarating hike to famed Tiger's Nest hanging on 800m sheer rock cliff face. Trek through the beautiful remote villages of Bhutan and enjoy stunning views of Himalayan mountains. Visit ancient fortresses and temples and […]
Jomolhari mountain festival of Bhutan, Jomolhari Trek, Bhutan

Bhutan Jomolhari Mountain Festival & Trekking Adventure

12 Days 11 Nights
Mingle among the people who lives a semi-nomadic lifestyle herding yaks at an altitude ranging from 2,500 meters to nearly 5,000 meters and celebrate their 2-day annual Mountain Festival which offers great opportunity to explore and experience local culture and […]
Trekking adventures in Bhutan

Druk Path Trek with Cultural Tour in Pristine Bhutan

10 Days 9 Nights
Druk Path Trek is the popular Trek in Bhutan. Our carefully crafted trekking adventure takes you through pristine forests, high ridges and crystal-clear lakes at altitudes ranging between 2400m – 4200m. Immerse yourself in this mystical Kingdom of Bhutan and […]
Bhutan Cultural Tour with Bumdrak Trek - Bhutan Acorn Tours & Travel

Bhutan Cultural Tour Including 2-Day Bumdrak Trek

8 Days 7 Nights
Trek to a sacred mountain meadow and find inner peace, immerse yourself into Bhutan's rich culture and discover happiness. Travel to three western districts of Bhutan: Paro, Thimphu and Punakha. Experience unique ancient culture, history and traditions, complemented by delicious […]