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Festivals of Bhutan

Festivals of Bhutan

Traditional Folk dancers of Bhutan performing at one of the annual festivals.
Traditional Folk dancers performing at Thimphu Tshechu Festival. Tshechu is an annual religious festival celebrated across Bhutan. The main events of the festivals are sacred mask dances interspersed by traditional folk songs and dances.

Bhutan is a country deeply steeped in Vajrayana Buddhist traditions, which originated with the arrival and of Guru Padmasambhava and his auspicious influence in the mid 8th century A.D.

Religious Festivals or Sacred Festivals feature sacred dances which were established by the masters of Vajrayana Buddhism, and which encompass many of its major teachings. For an individual to simply be present and see these sacred dances, and experience them with the right mindset and pure intention is considered an auspicious opportunity. When TsechusTseshu is an annual religious festival conducted across the country at different time of the year (Tshechu means sacred festival in Dzongkha) are conducted, they are generally held in monasteries, Dzongs, or temples of a particular community. The resultant positive mindset experienced by local residents becomes both a cause and a condition of an enduring positive mental state. The Tsechu fosters an environment in which all members of society, regardless of social position, come together to be entertained and cultivate a harmonious mindset.

Not only dazzling annual religious festivals are conducted across the country at different times of the year, there are many festivals organized exclusively to showcase the livelihood of the local community, strengthen social bonds between different communities and foster unity. These festivals are a true reflections of ancient culture and traditions that has been handed down from generation to generation and are still vibrant today.

In Bhutan, it is understood that the Tsechu is an ideal mechanism to promote happiness and harmony, and strengthen the community and social bonds. These representations of traditional culture are given high priority and great respect from every level of Bhutanese society and function as a manifestation of Gross National Happiness (GNH) policy.

Note: The dates of Religious Festivals or Sacred Festivals will change each year on the western calendar as those festivals are conducted following Bhutanese Lunar Calendar.

Tentative Festival Calendar for 2021 in PDF



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